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Reference works for motorways and roads 2011-2022

  • Elaboration of illustrative design for the objective ” Brasov- Cluj- Bors
    Motorway, Sector 2 A, Ogra- Campia Turzii, km 0+000 – km 37
    +191″ Client: CNADNR SA
  • Design and Technical Assistance in order to finalize the works at
    Gilau Node and the connection between Section 2B with subsection
    A1, Brasov-Tg Mures-Cluj-Oradea Motorway” Client: CNADNR SA
  • Rehabilitation of the infrastructure and improving the Urban
    Services in Viseu de Sus locality, Maramures County, Client: Viseu de
  • “Design services for Sebes – Turda Motorway – Lot 1”, Client:
    Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A.
  • Feasibility study regarding the Zonal Urban Development of the
    Central Area in Turnu Magurele City
  • Feasibility study regarding the Zonal Urban Development of the
    Magurele district in Turnu Magurele City
  • Rehabilitation DJ 203H, km 0+000-16+000, Rm. Sarat-Buda
    (TP, DTAC, DD, AT, As-built), Client STRABAG SRL
  • Design and construction of Transilvania Motorway,Section 3A,
    Cluj Vest (Gilau) – Mihaiesti, km. 0+000 – 25+500, Sector 3A1, km. 0
    +000 – 8+700, Client TEHNOSTRADE SRL
  • Increase in the traffic capacity by performing the road link between DN1 and DN1B 9, the county beltway DJ236), in the north region of Ploiesti municipality (AT) Client Prahova County
  • Nadlac – Arad motorway and link road .Lot 2 km. 22+218-38+888 (PT+DE)Client ALPINE Bau GmbH
  • Contract 6R12 Design and construction DN18 Sighetu Marmatiei – Moisei (PT+DE, AT), Client TEHNOSTRADE SRL
  • Upgrade DN24 Crasna-Iasi (PT+DE, AT), Client TEHNOSTRADE SRL
  • Upgrade DJ703I Merisani (DN7C) -Valsanesti – Valea Faurului -Musatesti-Bradulet-Bradetu, km. 53+600+60+500 (PT+CS+DE), Client RA JUDETEANA DE DRUMURI ARGES
  • Design and construction, periodical maintenance of bridges DN18 km. 6+957 at Scheia, km. 10+112 at Scheia, km. 25+281 at Targu Frumos, km. 48+380 at Podu Iloaie (PT+DE)
  • Technical expertise with the purpose of performing the repair works for the road bridge over the Mures river (ET), Client LIPOVA TOWN
  • Bypass of Iasi municipality. Et.I-South variant-item 1-heavy traffic option section km. 0+000 (DN28) +km. 13+905 (DJ248) – Phase II (DE), Client SC VEGA 93 SRL GALATI
  • Bypasses at Bistrita, Gheorghieni and Miercurea Ciuc

2009-2010 :

  • Transilvania Motorway Client Bechtel
  • Bucharest-Brasov Motorway, Bucharest-Moara Vlasiei section
  • Urban Motorway in Cluj-Napoca
  • Sibiu – Pitesti Motorway
  • Modernization of DN 73
  • Bucharest Motorway Bypass
  • Targu Mures-Iasi-Ungheni Motorway
    Other Reference Works
  • Increasing the traffic capacity on the Ploiesti Vest Bypass
  • Modernization of DN 1A: Ploiesti East Bypass–Cheia Sacele
  • Vaslui Bypass
  • Improvement of the road approaches to the overpass at Colentina
    Highway-D-na Ghica St., in Bucharest
  • Reconstruction of the road infrastructure affected by the floods
    occurred in July – August 2005
  • Bucharest-Brasov Motorway, Comarnic-Brasov Section
    (Feasibility Study)
  • Stages I, II and III of the Romanian National Road Rehabilitation
    Programme 1970-1974 DN7C-The Transfagarasan Road

  • “Terminal expansion in development area A, within the Port of Constanta for multifunctional operational and storage platforms extension, container scanner platform, transformer station and canivou, improvement of the RO-PAX berth and Project Cargo on Pier II-S” POIM 2014-2020
  • Improving the access infrastructure for tourism activities in Arges County and creation of an investment-attractive-framework
  • Traffic Study for the Pan-European Corridor IV and other Major Routes between Brasov and the Hungarian Border
  • Traffic Study for the TEN Corridor IX and for the TEN-T Road Network in the North East of Romania
  • Road Traffic Study in the Port of Constanta


  • Brasov – Oradea – Borș Motorway. Section 2: Targu Mures – Cluj and section 3: Cluj – Oradea. Technical expertise report to determine the technical condition of the slopes and the foundation ground, as well as the provision of solutions to restore the damaged areas in sector 3C: Km 4+200 – Km 64+450
  • Iasi bypass variant – heavy traffic km 0+000+km 13+905. Consolidation works and technical expertise on the stability of the cracked embankment km 7+400 – km 7+560″

Topographical studies for motorways:

  • Transylvania Motorway – topographic documentation necessary for the elaboration of the projects in the SF, PTh and DE design phases on sections 2A (Targu Mures -Campia Turzii), 2B (Campia Turzii – Gilau); 3B (Topa Mica -Ip); 3C (Ip -Granita)
  • Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway – topographical studies necessary for the elaboration of the project in the Feasibility Study phase. Preparation of documentation for the identification of properties

Topographic-geodetic studies for the extension and modernization of some of the most important airports in Romania:

  • “Henry Coanda” Bucharest – Otopeni International Airport: Technical expertise for Runway no.1; Technical expertise for Platform no.1; Finger extension; Passenger terminal extension, etc.
  • Baneasa Airport: layout studies for MAI constructions, Movement surfaces on Bucharest Baneasa International Airport , etc.
  • Cluj Napoca International Airport: Airport extension; Parallel taxiway with Runway, Handling road, Fire Fighting Station
  • Timisoara International Airport: Topographical studies – Movement surfaces
  • Extension and Modernization of Sibiu Airport
  • Constanta Airport: elaboration of airport plans and maps
  • Topographic measurements were carried out in STEREO 70 and GS 84 coordinate systems

Topographical studies for the modernization and rehabilitation of national roads and bypasses:

  • Reinforcement of road structure and slope protection on DN 7 km 352+000, km 360+000; km 365+400, km 372+908; km 373+800, km 378+608; km 394+000, km 439+000
  • Modernization of DN 73 Pitesti -Campulung -Brasov Km 13+800 -Km 42 +850, Km 54+050-km 128+250
  • Rehabilitation of DN2D Focsani Ojdula km 0+00 -km 118+873

Preparation of the documentation for the identification of land owners for :

  • Modernization of DN52 Alexandria-Turnu Magurele
  • Modernization of DN1A Ploiesti East Beltway -Sacele (Brasov)
  • Rehabilitation of bridges and consolidation of road system on DN3B
  • Bucharest Ring Road
  • Cluj Napoca Urban Motorway
  • Bypass of: Vaslui, Focsani, Lugoj, Zalau Cities
  • Overpass on DN12 at Siculeni and Ciceu Bypass

Reference works for bridges 2011-2022

  • Elaboration of the documentation for the PT (Technical Design) +DE (Detailed Design) phases for safety measures and for the replacement of the bridge’s cables and technical assistance during the execution of the works including safety measures and replacement of the existing cables at the bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal located on DN39 at km 8+988 in Agigea, according to the design data sheet approved by the Engineer, Client: BILFINGER BERGER Baugesellschaft m.b.H. Wien
  • Construction of the suspension bridge over the Danube at Braila – SF
  • Rehabilitation of Sidex Viaduct – Phase I
  • Design services for the elaboration of the technical execution project (including details design), technical assistance during the execution of the works and execution of the works at the investment objective: “Bridge DN 6 km 235+272 over Amaradia at Craiova”
  • Elaboration of Technical Project, Details Design and Technical Assistance for the investment objective: “Bridge on DN 64 km 103+887 over Govora river”
  • Technical Expertise of the works structures designed and built within the contract “Design and Built of the Lugoj – Deva Motorway, lot 3 km 56+220 – km 77+361”
  • Pedestrian walkway for DN1 undercrossing in Busteni Railway Station area
  • Pedestrian walkway under crossing DN1 in the area of Costila Commercial Complex
  • Bridge over Prut Galati-Giurgiulesti
  • Technical expertise of the concrete box that underpasses the runway at the International Airport Bucharest – Aurel Vlaicu
  • Rehabilitation of DN2D Focsani-Ojdula km 0+000 – km 118+893. Lot 1 km 0+000-km 50+000, Lot 2 km 50+000 – 95+000. Technical solutions update
  • Design documentation SPF, SF, PT+DE for the following objectives: Mihai Voda Bridge, Calicilor Bridge, located in Bucharest
  • Phase II – Replacement of the existing cables at the bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal located on DN 39 at km 8+988, Agigea
  • Bridge over Tarnava Mica – DN 14A km 24+067. Road DN 14A km 26+020 – km 26+050
  • Precast prestressed concrete beams, prestressed with post-tensioned concrete, with straight-lined pre-tensioned concrete and with deflected pre-tensioned concrete type “T” for road bridges of height h=1.03m and length L=24,00m
  • Pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Dambovita and underground parking” – Calicilor bridge within the investment “Urban public space Calicilor Bridge. Domnita Balasa Complex, Underground parking – Urban Improvement of the Palace of Justice”
  • Elaboration of the technical project and details design for Objective 6R12 design and built of DN18 Sighetul Marmatiei-Moisei
  • Elaboration of the technical project and details design for Objective 6R13 design and built of DN18 Moisei – Iacobeni
  • Design and built of Nadlac – Arad Motorway Lot 2
  • Motorway Brasov-Cluj-Bors, Sector 2A, 3C
  • Cable-stayed bridge over the Somes river at Satu-Mare
  • Consolidation and reconstruction of the road bridge over Suceava river in Suceava City (PT+CS+DE+LC)
  • Related infrastructure to the bridge over the Danube at Calafat-Vidin
  • Bridges, viaducts and overpasses designed on the Transylvania Motorway
  • Reinforcement and Rehabilitation of Serbanesti Bridge over the Bistrita River at Bacau
  • Reinforcement of bridge on DN66A Km 2+178 over the West Jiul river at Aninoasa
  • Rehabilitation of the bridge on DN15 km 243+610 at Poiana Teiului
  • Bridges, overpasses and viaducts on the Zalau Bypass
  • Overpass on the Ploiesti West Ring Road
  • Capital repair of the bridge on DN15B over Moldova River at Cristesti-Timisesti
  • Rebuilt of the bridge over the Buzau river, at Maracineni on DN2 Buzau- Ramnicu Sarat
  • Overground passage Sos Colentina – Doamna Ghica Bucuresti

Airport and civil construction reference works 2011-2022

  • Technical Execution Design for the Extension of the Departure Terminal building at Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport
  • Elaboration of the technical design for the Execution of the Bucharest Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (AIBB-AV) and exterior works
  • The documentation for the approval of the intervention works (DALI) for the rehabilitation and refunctionalizing of the interiors of A, B and Rotonda buildings at the Bucharest Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport
  • Updating of the Feasibility Study for the third phase of the AIBG
  • Elaboration of the design documentation in the Feasibility Study and Technical Design phases for the “Extension of the Airport Satu Mare Terminal”
  • Elaboration of the technical-economic documentation necessary for the realization of the Project “Regional Intermodal freight transport center in Iasi area”
  • Technological Research Centre for Aviation – Craiova. Design of repair and maintenance hangar for Boeing 737 – Airbus 320 aircrafts
  • Development and Modernization of Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. Departures terminal, Arrivals terminal, “Finger” building equipped with boarding bridges, connecting building, on ground and multi storey car parking, new taxiways and connecting straps, utility networks, power transformer stations etc.
  • Modernization of the lighting system for Runway 1, Runway 2 and taxiways at Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport
  • Design of movement surfaces repairment of the Airports: Timisoara – Traian Vuia, Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Iasi, Suceava, Bacau, Constanta, Satu Mare, Craiova
  • Supervision of capital repairs to the runway, taxiway and connection roads A, B, C, S1, D at the “Aurel Vlaicu” Application School
  • Regional Intermodal Terminal for Freight Transport in Iasi area
  • Heliport and flight corridor authorization at the Moinesti City Emergency Hospital
  • Providing design of aircraft parking platform for strategic transport client: Ministry of National Defence;
  • Intervention works at A, B, Passenger Terminal, Rotonda Buildings at Aurel Vlaicu International Airport – historical monument. Technical expertise, feasibility study, technical design + details design, technical assistance
  • Repair works on the runway of Timisoara – Traian Vuia International Airport
  • Rehabilitation of “C” Building on Bucharest Baneasa International Airport and conversion into General Aviation Terminal
  • New passenger terminal at Iasi Airport
  • Technological perimeter road at Satu Mare Airport
  • Suceava Airport. Feasibility study for the modernization of movement surfaces and lighting system
  • Runway of 3500m and adjoining movement surfaces (taxiways, connecting roads, boarding/landing platforms, power transformer stations, including related utilities and networks) at Cluj-Napoca Airport – design phases SPF, SF and PT
  • Zonal Urban Planning of Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport. Feasibility study for the airport movement areas
  • Technical and financing documentation (through the European POS-T programme) for the construction of new movement areas at Cluj-Napoca Airport
  • Headquarters of the Special Aviation Unit Bucharest, MAI UM – 0970
  • Craiova Airport – Fire Fighting Station
  • Craiova Airport. Rehabilitation of movement infrastructure (runway, taxiway and apron extension)
  • Traian Vuia” Timisoara International Airport – Internal Arrivals Passenger Terminal
  • Colosseum Centre in Chitila, Bucharest, NOVA IMOBILIARE
  • NOVOMATIC AG offices – Otopeni
  • Parking platform for air transport aircraft – Otopeni feasibility study phase Client: MApN
  • SF Control tower for PDA of 3500m, RA Cluj-Napoca Airport
  • Design of utilities related to the extension of Finger building within the contract “Development and modernization of AIBO, phase III”
  • Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport Constanta – Capital repair and consolidation of aircraft parking aprons
  • Infrastructure works (landside area) at Sebha and Benghazi airports in Libya
  • Oradea Airport. Arrivals-Departures passenger terminal
  • International Airport “Transilvania” Targu Mures – Extension of the runway and aircraft operation platform including related facilities
  • Design “Workshop Building” – DP World Constanta terminal building
Other reference works:
  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport. Extension of the embarkation-disembarkation platform stage II
  • Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport: Intervention works on platform 1 and runway no.1 08L-26R
  • Modernization of the movement surface and lighting system at the “Stefan cel Mare – Suceava” Airport
  • International Airport “Transilvania” Targu Mures – Extension of the runway and aircraft operation platform including related utilities
  • International Airport “Traian Vuia” Timisoara – Charlie and Foxtrot taxiways and extension of the boarding platform
  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport. Arrivals passenger terminal. Departures passenger terminal. Connecting building
  • Master Plan for the development strategy of “George Enescu” Airport Bacau
  • Passenger terminal in Orsova port
  • Rehabilitation of training centers for border police in Constanta and Giurgiu
  • Passenger terminal at Port Moldova Veche
  • Extension and modernization of Sibiu International Airport
  • Design of facilities for border control for Romania’s accession to the European Union – Border Inspection Posts (7 locations)
  • Modernization of port facilities on the Danube for passenger traffic
  • Passenger terminals: passenger terminal in Tulcea port; passenger terminal in Constanta port
  • Expansion and modernization of “Traian Vuia” International Airport in Timisoara
  • Expansion and modernization of Constanta International Airport
  • Cargo Terminal at Iasi Airport
  • Targu Mures Airport modernization works
  • Gilau Maintenance and Coordination Center – within the contract “Design and construction of Transylvania Motorway, Sector 3a, Cluj West (Gilau) – Mihaiesti km 0+000 – km 25+500, Section 3a1 km 0+000 – km 8+700”
  • Container Terminal in Constanta South Port. Phase I/Design and consultancy for the extension of the mechanical workshop on the north side of the existing facility – Elaboration of technical documentation and technical assistance during the execution period for the objective “Rehabilitation of the SPC Cernavoda Station”
  • IPTANA office building

Reference works for hydrotechnical works: 2011-2022

  • Elaboration of the documentation for the phases Technical DEsign+Specifications+Details Design “Waiting bay for discoupling / coupling convoys at the junction of the Danube-Black Sea and Poarta Alba- Midia, Navodari Canals”, and technical assistance during the whole execution of the works, Client AL STOM COMPANY S.R.L.
  • Solution and location Study for raw water pumping station in Carasu area, Client ROMPETROL RAFINARE SA
  • Elaboration of the technical documentation and obtaining of the approvals for the objective “Constanta South Port – Ore terminal – Cargo unloading system”, phases PT+DE, Client COMVEX S.A.
  • Elaboration of technical documentation in phases DA+PT+DE for the objective “Constanta North Port, Increasing the capacity of the Grain Terminal at the Barge Berth on the offshore breakwater”, Client CANOPUS STAR SRL
  • Elaboration of technical documentation, phases PT+DE, and documents for obtaining approvals for the objective “Launching and docking system for jackets and related upper platforms for Pier 1a of Constanta Port”, Client GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE SA
  • Consultancy services for the execution of “Completion of the Offshore Breakwater in the Constanta Port Client HASKONING NEDERLAND
  • Constanta South Port. Pier 2S. Development works at Berth 126(7) for setting up the Ocean Endeavor oil drilling platform
  • Hydrotechnical works necessary for the under-crossing of the Danube river by the Nabucco natural gas pipeline – solution study, Client TRANSGAZ
  • Joint FS for the rehabilitation and modernization of the ports of Turnu Magurele and Nikopole and an environmental impact study for the waterway infrastructure development and equipment – platform for the transport network in the cross-border area Turnu Magurele – Nikopole
  • Feasibility study for the ” Improvement of Arges and Dambovita rivers for navigation and other uses”
  • Design and built of the component works of the coastal protection system to reduce coastal erosion – Lot 1 – Protection and rehabilitation of the Romanian Black Sea coastline in the area of Edighiol and Periboina dams
  • Development of tourist ports on the Black Sea (2 Mai, Costinesti)
  • Protection and rehabilitation of the southern part of the Romanian Black Sea coast: Eforie Nord, Constanta Nord, Centru, Sud, Mamaia Sud
  • Midia Port. Maritime quay founded at -8.00 m in the extension of berth 12
  • Constanta Port. Development of the “INSULA” area
  • Constanta Port. Design of the North Breakwater extension
  • Constanta South Port – Container terminal on Pier 2S
  • Complex impovement of Tomis tourist Port
  • Increasing the operating capacity of the berth on the North Breakwater in Constanta Port
  • Constanta South Port. Grain terminal at berth no.80 – 200 000 t capacity (18 cells of 10000 t/cell + 8 cells of 2500 t/cell) – Client: COMVEX SA
  • Constanta North Port. Grain terminal on Scow Berth area phase 1 – 50000 t capacity (2 warehouses of 25000 t capacity) – Client: CANOPUS STAR SRL
  • Constanta North Port. Grain terminal on Scow Berth area phase 2 – 60000 t capacity (10 cells of 6000t/cell) – Client: CANOPUS STAR SRL
  • Constanta South Port. Connecting tunnel between pier 1A and berth 114 for the soybean and grain terminal on pier 1
  • Completion of the offshore breakwater in Constanta Port
  • Cliffs Reinforcement works in the area of Constanta, Tuzla and Costinesti Cities
  • Study on the current situation of inland waterways and their development in the period 2007-2022
  • Shore protection works on the Sulina Canal. Phase I
  • Study on the development of Rompetrol activities in the area of Midia Port
  • Increase of transit capacities through berth 9 in Midia Port
  • Feasibility study for refloalting the wrecks of the ships Transilvania and Slatina
  • Hydrotechnical works associated with motorways – Client CNAIR SA – Nadlac – Arad motorway and connecting road. Lot 2: Km 22+218 – 38+882; Brasov-Cluj-Bors motorway. Section 2A Ogra-Campia Turzii km 0+000-km 37+191 and Brasov – Oradea – Bors, Section 2: Targu Mures – Cluj and Section 3: Cluj – Oradea; Pitesti-Sibiu Motorway Feasibility Study; Ditrau-Targu Neamt Motorway; Bistrita ; Iasi South; Gheorghieni and Miercurea CiucBypasses
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of the naval transport infrastructure in the ports outside the TEN-T network” Corabia Port, GiurgiuPort, Bechet Port
  • Oil Products Terminal in Giurgiu Port – Plantelor Basin for MOL

Hazard and Risk Maps Reference Work: 2011-2022

  • Collection of design data and thematic maps for the realization of the objective “Elaboration of natural hazard maps and detailed risk plans for landslides for a number of 12 administrative-territorial units in the Prahova County” – Elaboration of risk maps, Client Prahova County Council
  • Master Plan; SF;DL;AT preparation of projects Priority Axis 5 – Establishment of the appropriate structure for the prevention of natural risks in the most exposed areas, SC HALCROW ROMANIA SRL

Reference works consultancy services, supervision works: 2011-2022

  • Consultancy services for the execution of works for the project “Completion of the Offshore Breakwater in the Constanta Port”
  • Consultancy services for Rehabilitation of DN 6, km 90+190-km 222+183 (in association with WSP Group SRL)
  • Technical assistance and supervision for the Modernization and development of Bucharest Otopeni International Airport
  • Supervision of the works within the Road Rehabilitation Programme: Consultancy, Design and Supervision Services: DN 79 +DN 19 Arad – Satu Mare in association with WSP Group SRL

Other reference works:

  • Bucharest – Constanta Motorway Fundulea-Lehliu Section (in association with SPEA)
  • Rehabilitation programme for Bucharest streets (in association with Consit)
  • Technical Assistance for Preparation of the Large Scale Infrastructure
  • Projects to be financed under PHARE 2001 and PHARE 2002 (in association with HILL International)
  • Rehabilitation of Otopeni Airport
  • Container Terminal in Constanta Port JICA Programme
  • Consultancy services for the execution of streets and alleys in a residential complex in Sector 6, Bucharest
  • Consultancy services for emergency reconstruction/rehabilitation of bridges and road sections affected by floods in Romania – 3 lots (in association with BCEOM)

Continuing a long tradition of scientific research, we have developed a number of projects and studies that are included in the National Research, Development and Innovation Plan and in the following international research and development programmes:

Consortium Operational Management Platform River Information Services (COMPRIS)

COMPRIS has consisted of setting up a reference River Information Service (RIS) that will be unanimously accepted by current users of European inland waterways. The main objective was to improve the River Information Service concept. It includes management services such as: reducing safety and environmental risks in inland waterways and riparian lands and maximising the efficiency of water transport operations. At the same time, a similar project was developed for the National Inland Navigation System, financed from the National Research/Development Plan through the Corint Programme. The project focused on finding solutions for harmonising the use of digital maps (ECDIS) and vessel traffic management services (VTMS). Together, these are the main systems of the River Information Service.

Improving maritime links between TRACECA and TEN-T (TRACECA TEN)

The project concerns the technical and organisational facilities to promote transport along the Traceca corridor in the Black Sea region, as an extension of the European corridors belonging to the TENT-T network.

Market studies, feasibility studies, a transport safety and security management system have been developed and the concept of a port community has been defined.

Stimulating intermodal freight transport to inland waterway transport and decongesting transport corridors by increasing the intermodality of the Danube-IM7 Danube

The project consisted of:

  • Conducting excellent research on intermodality in general and inland waterway transport in particular
  • Developing solutions, methods and reference tools for increasing river intermodality so that it can take over freight flows from road transport
  • Creating an intermodality knowledge platform to act as an intelligent support for strategic and management decision makers. Modern instrumentation, based on multidisciplinary analysis of systems and processes, for the development of sustainable land transport in Romania, in the context of the European transport strategy – The Tradurom project comprises:
  • Generation of a model designed for the assessment of negative externalities induced by inland waterway and road transport activities in Romania.
  • Adjustment of statistical indicators of sustainable development of land transport according to the particularities of activities and operational databases
  • Analysis of certain scenarios for accelerating the development of a sustainable Romanian transport system
  • The inland waterway component of the TraduromE software application, created to provide a tool for the evaluation and analysis of external costs generated by transport activities